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Summer 2012 Welcome to Zerkel Motorwerks.com. The home of the TTLMRA mod, AMM V3, Ferrari Sprint, Modified, Leadfoot Monster truck, 512M template, Duster template, GrandPrix 2+2 template, 68 Charger GN template, and the TeamTundra rTrainer set.
SITE & MOD NEWS: rFactor 2 is coming soon! The demo is out, and we're starting work with some old school gpl'ers to get the USAC mod to rfactor 2. You heard it here first. The site is now migrated over to it's new server, and we're now faster than ever. Codemasters Dirt 3, EA's Shift 2, and SimBin all now have their unique sections in the forum. I've been running some Race 07 online, and the Simbin stuff has come a long way from their original creations. You can take a look at what they have to offer nowadays here: SimBin I'll be starting some online Shift 2 and Simbin servers here in the very near future. Be sure to sign up in our forums, it's always an interesting time in there. See ya online. ZMW_schumacher

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